Sunday, 12 November 2006


Ramu drove his car to the supermarket. He wanted to buy cauliflowers. He parked his car beside a karate teacher’s car. He went inside and bought the cauliflowers. As he was going out, an alarm rang. This alarm rang because he had forgotten to pay for the cauliflowers that he had bought from the supermarket a few seconds before the alarm rang. Unfortunately for him, the owner did not believe him. The owner called the police. The police came an hour later because they had got delayed in a donut shop. The police were very angry with Ramu for trying to shoplift cauliflowers. They called him a bad man and did not listen to him when he told them that he did not try to shoplift cauliflowers He was sent to prison. When Ramu entered the prison, he was very scared. He did not like the weird smell that came from the inspector’s office. He had to stay in a cell for 365 days. Another person was in the cell with him. That person’s name was Shinji. Shinji went to jail for killing the ice-cream man when he could not give him any ice-cream as he was out of ice-cream. This happened 4 years ago. He was 12 years old now. Ramu was very sad in the cell as Shinji was very mean to him. He would pinch Ramu’s ears and call him a donkey. Ramu was very sad in prison. One day, he decided to stand up to Shinji. When Shinji tried to pinch his ears, he blocked his hand. Then, he punched his stomach. Suddenly, in a fit of rage, Ramu bit Shinji’s ass. A big fight started. Shinji took out some rope and tried to strangle Ramu. Unfortunately, he tried to do it like a cowboy. He was a very bad cowboy. His rope fell to the ground and he tripped over it and hurt his head. Then, a person came and opened the cell to stop the fight. Ramu saw this as his chance for escape. He kicked the man in the face and ran away. Nobody noticed him go. The donuts the police had ordered had just arrived. Ramu slipped out of the police station and ran away. His plan was to run away to Mexico. Unluckily, someone had stolen his car. So, he stole a kid’s bicycle and decided to use it to run away to Mexico. Unfortunately, the police came to know of his plan. As soon as Ramu started off the next day, he noticed the police behind him. However, the policemen were driving very slowly as the driver was a person who just got his license. His partner, a 43 year old, was afraid to drive. Ramu drove his bicycle faster and faster. Unfortunately, he did not notice that there was a traffic jam and he banged into a truck. Ramu lay unconscious. Thanks to the red light, Ramu did not get run over. The policemen could not get him as there was a big jam and they were far away from him. They could not walk as the new driver was wearing sandals and was embarrassed to go out in them. The absent-minded 43 year old had forgotten to wear his shoes and did not want his bare feet to touch the hot ground. Ramu regained his consciousness and got up and escaped. He went to the supermarket again. He had to do something before running away to Mexico. He entered the supermarket and saw the owner. He took some ice-cream and threw it at the owner. The owner was shocked. He called him an ass. Ramu got very angry to hear this and demanded an apology. The owner did not apologise and threw frozen chicken at him. Ramu dodged and another shopper got hit. Ramu was extremely angry now. He took some sauce and dropped it on the floor. The owner got distracted. Then, Ramu threw a fish at him. Before the owner could react, Ramu threw another fish at him. The owner fainted. Then, Ramu started spoiling the food. He mixed the sauce with the ice-cream and the oil with the chicken and the peanut butter with the fish. Then he caught a plane and went to Mexico. In Mexico, he was regarded to be a great man and he became the president.


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poor ramu.

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You like Ramu, dont you ? Admit it.