Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The following poem was written during an extraordinarily boring period of bangla.

Raju was a mad man, he liked to eat leaves
Ramu was a rich man, he had a butler named jeeves
One fine day the two of them, they met in the park
Raju was mad, he thought he was a dog, he silently began to bark.
Ramu suddenly ran home, he had forgotten to turn of the gas

Raju thought he was taunting him, he bit him on the ass.
Clutching his ass, poor poor Ramu fell hard to the ground
He shouted "Why must be bitten by a man who thinks he's a hound?"
Unfortunately for Ramu, it hurt so incredibly bad
He died on the spot, he died, the poor lad
The funeral was quick and short, on his gravestone twas written
"Ramu the great suffered at the hands of fate, by a mad man he was bitten"



ishan said...

whydcha post twice?

aurko said...

well its not bad for a beginner............its pretty good actually!!!

banana said...

lol thats so good and a little weird but good none the less! hey its brianna keep posting on ur blog and commenting on mine il try to update more often!

teesta said...

stop it with ramu!
and post the one about the cow who ate beef.

Shyama said...

Wow! Topshe is a poet and he can write,
I know him since he was just a mite.
Now somewhere he was bitten by the madness bug for sure,
now he done for, there is no cure

Sudeep said...

Hi Dhritiman. My name's Sudeep. Ishan must have told you about me.

I was planning to a graphic novel and i need your help writing a story. No. not one of yours, a new one

I have something in mind. Its a pretty raw idea. A little different from what you write, but the ideas meet along the way.

Thanks for your time. Hope for a positive response