Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Who are you?

I am John Doe.

That is your name. It is not who you are. If your name was different, you would not be a different person.

Who am I?

It is impossible to tell. You are not one person. You are various people, various personalities, rolled into one. Who you are depends almost entirely on where you are. You are a certain person with me, and you are a different person with somebody else. We have shells, various exoskeletons that we exit and enter, depending on the situation. You change who you are because you want to fit in. Because you want to be accepted. And you have changed yourself so many times, you have formed so many versions of yourself, so many different shades, that now you no longer remember which 'you' is real, and you are not sure who you are, and you cannot feel who you were. 

Who are you?



Shivalik said...

dhat!!!! y dont you try watchin d Euro instead???? i'll b spared of readin ur posts nd tryin to decipher em!!!!!! :p

Indrajit Dutta said...

Hey this is seriously contemplative and the endings kickass.I mean you've hit the nail on the head.This is real good man.

Shyama said...

Well I know that you are plain brilliant

Venusallure said...

I do not quite agree.
While a john doeish personality is quite true for most of us, for some it is not.
There exists a John who does not fluidly exit and enter as per community; this one is more like a rigid tinman which needs the oiling. Yet there is another John who has changed so many times and yet not stabilized and wishes to return or does return. There is yet another one who merges so well in being not just John Doe but Mark Smith now as well and down the road emerged as Jane Johnson and wonders about John Doe.
And what about that John that has seen all the John Does and asked the initial question "Who?"
As much as this rhetorical question flares up the thought process, it also flares up the disappointing reality that you might be right the world might be filled with just John Does, short, tall, thin and stout doughs!
Regardless, I am more individualistic and thus the pertinence remains at not "who a re you?" but "Why?" interspersed with whatevers

...eh whatever!!!! :)

james said...

ooo! trippy!

blinknmiss said...

its been light years.
don't tell me you've written nothing in all this time.
lazy fellow.

Sounak said...

have u been going to those recent baba ramdev conferences or did u join the shitty art-of-living thingy that forcefully make u beleive dat u have something wrong wid urself !!...

spriblah said...

I actually understand what you are saying, it's something I've been thinking about for quite some time. Even without the various hides one wears, don't you at some point get tired of the charades you put up for the world and lose sight of why you're even trying to gain their acceptance.