Saturday, 30 December 2006

All elephants look alike
Jonathan S.Bedwetter was wandering in the street. He didnt know where he wanted to go, but he was sure he didnt want to go to the sweet shop. As he was walking, a car pulled up beside him. IT was a limousine, jet black, about the size of 4 normal cars. He held his face to the window, trying to peer inside. Just then, the door opened and the glass struck him on the face. An elephant wearing a black blazer and white half pants walked out. "You idiot!",he said, "You almost broke my car!". John was shocked at this angry remark. He expected a kind old man to walk out and give him a band-aid or something. Instead an angry elephant was screaming at him. "You almost broke my nose!", he replied.
Now it was the elephants time to be suprised. He expected Jonathan to be scared and pee in his pants. Instead he was talking back at him. No, this would simply not do. He would have to teach him a lesson. He stomped on him, and even though Jonathan was already dead, he flung him around and tore him apart. Then, he entered his limousine and drove off.
Jonathan's body was found the next day. The chief inspector of police, Mr Frank Lee, was called in to investigate. He entered the house of the Bedwetters. He met up with Jonathan's mother and told her about the murder. He said "Ma'm, after examining all the evidence, I have to conclude that your son was murdered by a elephant. " Jonathan's mother didnt believe this. "Frankly, Mr Frank Lee, I think your a piece of shit." Saying this, she left the room. Mr Frank Lee was deeply insulted. He refused to work on the case anymore, stole a clock, and left.
They never found the murderer. He got away scot-free. Right now, he's swimming in his pond, bragging to his elephant buddies, about how he got away with the greatest murder ever, And theyll never catch him now, because all elephants look alike.


Shyama said...

A set of great stories, good for you

ishan said...

elepahants may look alike but i really think that potaoes from outer space should be banned.

Teesta said...


Shalmi said...

whaaat fun.
frank lee should have thunked mrs bedwetter on the head.

joey said...

delightfully inane.