Sunday, 24 June 2007

23 Days
There once was a rich man who was feeling bored
There was nothing in this world that he could not afford
He could buy all of the world's superglue
He could, if he wanted, buy Timbuktu
So he came up with a plan that was rather balmy
He decided to raise a really big army
He conquered the Chinese, and Japan too
He visited them and he learnt Ju-jit-su
He visited India, he ate chicken roll
And soon, Asia was under control
In Africa, he learnt how to grow some good maize
He conquered the world in 23 days.
He was the king of ze world for 24 hrs
When aliens finally arrived from Mars
They wanted to visit the leader, they said
They visited him, and soon he was dead.
The king of the Martians, Popilius Roeder
was fat and omitted an unpleasant order.
He was ruled for 8 yrs, he was very mean.
Worse times than his times were never before seen.
Everyone wanted the martians to go.
A big revolt soon sprang up in Mexico
On the 2nd night of the 3rd week of May
The Mexicans finally saved the day.
We gave them Swiss chocolates, they became our king.
They became quite rich, they had loadsa bling-bling.
But Mexicans are mean, they eat chocolate bars.
I'm beginning to miss the men from mars.


shalmi said...

whatever happened to popilius roeder? did the mexicans kill him and use him as a pinata?

Indrajit Dutta said...

Whoa this is surreal alright.

Shyama said...

There was a boy who wrote great rhyme
Laced with wit and spice of thyme.
The men from mars, wanted him there
To write poetry they did pray.
But this boy he would have none of that
So he walked of wearing his red hat!