Thursday, 5 July 2007

The man who saved the world...almost.

"Do you like chicken? No? Well, don't fret. Have some Russian vodka."
"I don't like Russian vodka."
"You think it's cheap and leaves a bad aftertaste, don't you?!", he said, in an angry tone.
"You think your better than me, don't you?!?!", he screamed. He was struggling to control his anger. This meeting was not going as smoothly as he thought it would.
"Yes. Yes I do, actually."
"Ohhh...". His voice was distant and dreamy, and he looked like he was no longer interested in the confrontation. He had all the evidence he needed to put him away for a long long time, but strangely, he didn't want to use it. Somewhere, in the deepest corners of his mind, a voice told him he wasn't in control anymore. He ignored the voice. It was too little, too insignificant to be heard.
"You will destroy that evidence",the hypnotist said,"You will forget I ever came here, and you will let me go....NOW!"

The hypnotist was out of the building two minutes later. He couldn't believe how easy it had all been. The man had given up in less than a minute. He now realized how incredible his gift truly was. He could do anything he wanted to do. He could be anyone he wanted to be. He could be rich, richer then anyone in the world. He could have unlimited power and control whenever he flicked of his fingers. He could have a million women, worshipping him, bowing at his feet, begging for his attention. He could become President if he wanted to. He had the power to bring change. Change for the better. He could save the world.No one would realize. No one would understand. No one could stop him.

He was planning his next move, the next phase of his master plan to save the world, when the car hit him. He was a mess, lying on the sidewalk, his leg angling away from its position, blood gushing out from his mouth and eyes. When the man stooped down to transport him away, he told him to kill him. It was his final flash of brilliance. The last thing he felt was a terrible, blinding pain, and then he was gone; his plan gone with him.


Indrajit Dutta said...

Hey I like this especially the way the dark side is portrayed.Very good command of the language also.

shalmi said...

yes. never trust hypnotists.

it's true that people are influenced by what they read. i see definite signs of douglas adams here. you carry it off well. good job.

rhea said...

i like it. i can't describe why, i won't do it right. but something. language, subject, writing in general, everything. something.

Shyama said...

This is among the best things I have read - take a bow fella

joyeeta dey said...

that was a very mature topic to handle.

Imperfect said...

real nice. i like your writing!
ps: thnx for visting my blog :D

Venusallure said...

Why did i know "He" was going to die in the end???

...oh right...i read from bottom up... :P

Nice work...I like your other little rants too...and nothing it sure is and "funny" is a perception, i think.

blinknmiss said...

haa. i still read this when i want to feel claustrophobic. tis good that way.

lazy bum. write more stuff!