Monday, 13 August 2007

Come with me [Am] , we shall leave
We shall [Em] see the birds and bees
We'll see [G] all there is to see
We have [D] everything we need.

Pack your [Am] suitcase full of love
And leave [Em] everything behind
We'll [G] lie down on the soft green grass
True [F] happiness we'll find
We'll be [D] content with our lives
[Dm] Why don't you join me?

We'll see the [Am] stars shine at night
We'll meet the [Em] people of the world
We'll [G] hang from trees, we'll swim in seas
We'll [D] see the pretty girls

We'll see [Am] paradise on earth
Right [Em] before it sinks before away
[G] Underground, never to be [F] found again
Lets pretend we're there [D]
[Dm] Why don't you join me

1 comment:

blinknmiss said...

i like the tune of the main verses. not much of a poem but sounds nice as a song. well done. as you say, your fame is spreading.